Admissions and Forms

Thank you for your interest in The Principled Academy. All application forms are located here. The Academy is dedicated to character education, academic excellence, and partnership of home, school, and community. The Principled Academy has adopted an “open enrollment” policy. This means that applications are accepted year-round on a space-available basis. The Principled Academy admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin.  Preschool applicants must be 2.5 years old and potty trained.  Kindergarten applicants must be 5 by November 1st of the year they start Kindergarten.
Admissions Procedure

  1. Submit the following documents:
    1. One of two completed application forms
      1. Preschool Application (This is the only form necessary for an applicant to Preschool)
      2. Elementary Application (for students entering Kindergarten through Eighth Grade)
    2. A completed Confidential Assessment form from applicant’s classroom teacher for Kindergarten applicants (from the Preschool teacher) , and First Grade through Eighth Grade applicants.
    3. A copy of student’s latest report card
    4. A copy of student’s latest standardized test scores.
    5. A completed Principal or Counselor Confidential Assessment form
  2. If space is available and the student/school match seems appropriate, the student and parent(s)/guardian(s) are invited for a personal interview at which an informal assessment of the student may be conducted. The informal assessment may include a writing sample.
  3. The Admissions Committee reviews the student’s file.
  4. A written notice is sent of acceptance or rejection. If the student is accepted, the Annual Fees are due in full immediately to hold the student’s space.
  5. The remaining enrollment forms must be completed and mailed to the school within two weeks of acceptance or before the student’s first day of attendance, whichever comes first.
  6. Parents of new students are invited to attend a parent orientation before the start of the fall trimester.

You can download the forms below:

Application Forms (to apply for admission to our school) :

Preschool Application
Elementary Application (Kindergarten through Eighth Grade)
Teacher Confidential Assessment (Kindergarten)
Teacher Confidential Assessment (First through Eighth Grades)
Principal or Counselor Confidential Assessment
Request For Student Records
Admissions Handbook
Code of Conduct

Enrollment Forms (after you have been accepted):
<To be filled out once>

Support us Through eScrip
Image Release Authorization
Physician’s Report (LIC 701)  (for Preschool only)
Report of Health Examination For School Entry (PM 171)  (for K-8 grades)
Waiver of Health Examination for School Entry(PM 171B)
Health History – Parent’s Report (LIC 702)  (for Preschool only)
Personal Rights (LIC 613)/Notification of Parent’s Rights(LIC 995)
Walking Field Trip Form
Partnership Contract

Drop-off Pick-up Map
Drop-off Pick-up Procedures

<To be filled out each year or as needed>

School Emergency Phone List
Parent Service Contract
Asthma Allergy Questionaire  (just check no if your child does not have Asthma or Allergies)
Obtain Driving Record for Field Trips
Identification and Emergency Info (LIC 700)
Consent for Medical Treatment(TPA)
Authorization to Administer Prescribed Medication
Authorization to Carry an Inhaler

Authorization for Automated Payments

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