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In The News

Dr. Mose Durst’s Articles

Failure to instill character leads to failure for all  Oakland Tribune, 4/18/2005

We have a responsibility to teach and embody the philanthropic spirit  Oakland Tribune, 9/9/2009

Learning Good Behavior  Oakland Tribune, 10/2/2009

Savings habit must be learned early in consumption society  Oakland Tribune, 4/23/2010

Education means developing the whole child  Oakland Tribune, 9/8/2010

To prosper, we must balance intelligence and values  Oakland Tribune, 2/9/2011

Must know history to know who we are and where we are going   Oakland Tribune, 5/27/2011

Atlanta example shows some schools rely too much on test scores   Oakland Tribune, 7/29/20

a video by the 7th/8th graders

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